[thelist] Graphics Style How-To

A. Erickson amanda at gawow.com
Thu Oct 19 22:53:28 CDT 2000

Seems pretty easy, no?

Get a photo with a decent silouette. Remove the background. Fill it in it's
entirety with a color. Then, on another layer above it (we're talking
photoshop here) have the filled silouette at about 50% opacity and, using
the original as your guide pick out a few accent lines to include. Use the
pencil tool and very carefully make the additional lines.

- amanda

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> Hey people,
> Just wondering if anyone had a cunning way of getting that 70's cutout
> effect for objects/people (as in http://www.threeoh.com/)? I've seen
> the style used quite a bit and always wondered how it's done. Anybody
> able to shed any light?
> Thanks,
> Rob
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