[thelist] Need web based file upload/download solution (Apache issue)

Bob Haroche bharoche at usa.net
Fri Oct 20 00:12:41 CDT 2000

My client is an engineer who wants a "client area" of his site for uploading
large files for his clients.  His clients in turn will be uploading their
own large files for him in their respective areas.  I'm looking for a
simple, effective web based interface for transferring these files.

The server is linux running Apache.  It requires some sort of wrapping in
order to run cgi scripts -- either cgiwrapper or suExec.

I've tried a couple of different Perl scripts (fileupload.pl and
fileman.cgi) and I get them to work perfectly with uploading small files
(around 500k), but neither will work with larger files.  Instead a server
500 error is returned.  Both scripts are set to allow large uploads. Plus I
can transfer these same files via standard ftp.

I'm told by the script developer that it's the wrapper which is preventing
the large uploads.  We just moved to this host so I'm reluctant to find a
new server, but I will if I have to.  Short of that, can someone recommend a
good browser based alternative?


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