[thelist] javascript functions/markup within document.write()

Jason Fields jason at v1c.net
Fri Oct 20 03:40:20 CDT 2000


I have seen some mention on this in previous digests but not answering the
question that I have specifically....

Basically I have some javascript rollover markup that I am writing with
another .js file that contains some document.write() statements... and...
for some reason the html code (ie. table structure) is rendered fine, the
default images (ie. <img src="imgs/blah.gif" width="2" height="50"
border="0" name="image1">) are rendered fine... but the rollovers dont come
in... when I use the javascript: debug feature in Netscape is says something
about the properties not being defined... so... I am trying to figure out 1)
how to properly mark up javascript within the document.write() statement...
and 2) if I can externalize the header script (which specifies the rollover
function and the image arrays) and the content (which would be the document
write() code that renders the table w/javascript hrefs for the rollovers...

Here is a snippet of code that I want to place within the document.write()

-------- cut here -----

<td height=23 width=144 bgcolor=#ffffff>

<a href="current_issue_01.html?noflash"
onmouseover="changeImages('image1', 'image1on', 'infoimage', 'infoimage1')"
onmouseout="changeImages('image1', 'image1off', 'infoimage',
'infoimagedefault')"><img src=imgs/button_mainnav.gif width=24 height=23
border=0 name=image1></a>

<a href="calendar_01.html?noflash"
onmouseover="changeImages('image2', 'image2on', 'infoimage', 'infoimage2')"
onmouseout="changeImages('image2', 'image2off', 'infoimage',
'infoimagedefault')"><img src=imgs/button_mainnav.gif width=24 height=23
border=0 name=image2></a>

<a href="diary_chicago_01.html?noflash"
onmouseover="changeImages('image3', 'image3on', 'infoimage', 'infoimage3')"
onmouseout="changeImages('image3', 'image3off', 'infoimage',
'infoimagedefault')"><img src=imgs/button_mainnav.gif width=24 height=23
border=0 name=image3></a>

<img src=imgs/button_mainnav_off.gif width=24 height=23 border=0><a
onmouseover="changeImages('image4', 'image4on', 'infoimage', 'infoimage4')"
onmouseout="changeImages('image4', 'image4off', 'infoimage',
'infoimagedefault')" target="_blank"><img src=imgs/button_mainnav.gif
width=24 height=23 border=0 name=image4></a>

<a href="homepage_bw.html?noflash"
onmouseover="changeImages('image5', 'image5on', 'infoimage', 'infoimage5')"
onmouseout="changeImages('image5', 'image5off', 'infoimage',
'infoimagedefault')"><img src=imgs/button_mainnav_home.gif width=24
height=23 border=0 name=image5></a>


-------- cut here -----

Thanks in advance... please feel free to respond directly to me if you would
like... once I have gotten some feedback I can post the solution... and the
live website that I used it in... as well...

Jason Fields.

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