[thelist] javascript functions/markup within document.write()

Lumir G Janku lgjanku at w3matrix.com
Fri Oct 20 04:54:20 CDT 2000

I presume that your changeImages function is reasonably defined.
Why the rollovers are not working ... may be the semicolons missing in the 
rollover specs:

<a href="current_issue_01.html?noflash"
onmouseover="changeImages('image1', 'image1on', 'infoimage', 'infoimage1');"
onmouseout="changeImages('image1', 'image1off', 'infoimage',
'infoimagedefault');"><img src="imgs/button_mainnav.gif" width="24" height="23"
border="0" name="image1"></a>

>Basically I have some javascript rollover markup that I am writing with
>another .js file that contains some document.write() statements... and...
>for some reason the html code (ie. table structure) is rendered fine, the
>default images (ie. <img src="imgs/blah.gif" width="2" height="50"
>border="0" name="image1">) are rendered fine... but the rollovers dont come
>in... when I use the javascript: debug feature in Netscape is says something
>about the properties not being defined... so... I am trying to figure out 1)
>how to properly mark up javascript within the document.write() statement...

You may need to escape the quotes.

>and 2) if I can externalize the header script (which specifies the rollover
>function and the image arrays) and the content (which would be the document
>write() code that renders the table w/javascript hrefs for the rollovers...

Sure you can. You can also use SSI for the content portion (even for the 
hdr script portion).
If your web server supports it, it may be a preferrable to js write(), 
because it is just a straight html, unless you need to do some dynamic 
changes like calculations.

>Here is a snippet of code that I want to place within the document.write()
>-------- cut here -----
><td height=23 width=144 bgcolor=#ffffff>
><a href="current_issue_01.html?noflash"
>onmouseover="changeImages('image1', 'image1on', 'infoimage', 'infoimage1')"
>onmouseout="changeImages('image1', 'image1off', 'infoimage',
>'infoimagedefault')"><img src=imgs/button_mainnav.gif width=24 height=23
>border=0 name=image1></a>
><a href="calendar_01.html?noflash"
>onmouseover="changeImages('image2', 'image2on', 'infoimage', 'infoimage2')"
>onmouseout="changeImages('image2', 'image2off', 'infoimage',
>'infoimagedefault')"><img src=imgs/button_mainnav.gif width=24 height=23
>border=0 name=image2></a>
><a href="diary_chicago_01.html?noflash"
>onmouseover="changeImages('image3', 'image3on', 'infoimage', 'infoimage3')"
>onmouseout="changeImages('image3', 'image3off', 'infoimage',
>'infoimagedefault')"><img src=imgs/button_mainnav.gif width=24 height=23
>border=0 name=image3></a>
><img src=imgs/button_mainnav_off.gif width=24 height=23 border=0><a
>onmouseover="changeImages('image4', 'image4on', 'infoimage', 'infoimage4')"
>onmouseout="changeImages('image4', 'image4off', 'infoimage',
>'infoimagedefault')" target="_blank"><img src=imgs/button_mainnav.gif
>width=24 height=23 border=0 name=image4></a>
><a href="homepage_bw.html?noflash"
>onmouseover="changeImages('image5', 'image5on', 'infoimage', 'infoimage5')"
>onmouseout="changeImages('image5', 'image5off', 'infoimage',
>'infoimagedefault')"><img src=imgs/button_mainnav_home.gif width=24
>height=23 border=0 name=image5></a>
>-------- cut here -----
>Thanks in advance... please feel free to respond directly to me if you would
>like... once I have gotten some feedback I can post the solution... and the
>live website that I used it in... as well...
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