[thelist] Tables Not Extending in IE 5.5

s t e f || n o t a - b e n e . o r g stef at nota-bene.org
Fri Oct 20 10:33:13 CDT 2000

[sender: Michele Foster || date: 10:41 20/10/2000 -0400]
>Hi Folks,
>A silly Friday problem.  I've been working on this site for a while, but
>this problem still remains no matter what I do.  The tables will not extend
>to the full margin in IE 5.5 (pc).  I have no clue why not.  I've posted
>just a test page for you to look at that shows the exact problem.  I'm sure
>it is something simple/silly, but I just can't see the error, and validating
>the page comes up clean.
>No images, no links active.  Just a plain ol' HTML file.
>Help greatly appreciated.

Seems like your server just exploded ;-)

s t e f

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