[Fwd: [thelist] ftp and vss]

Sam-I-Am sam at sam-i-am.com
Fri Oct 20 12:34:09 CDT 2000

thanks for your replies, they confirm my concerns, and point at
discipline being the main solution here. 

CVS was considered when the company was selecting a version control
package, and I think the fact that it really needs to run on a unix
server (all our file servers are NT, and most of our inhouse IS
expertise is Mac/Windows), however it looks like a better cross platform
solution than VSS (the mac client from metrowerks is clunky, limited and
currently only supports VSS 5.0)

> Our method is the same as described below.  Our staging server is where all
> the development gets done.  We 'check in' to that server, and when it's
> ready to go live, we 'check out' to the www server (handled by one person).
> It works very, very well, and forces us to come up for air before it goes
> live.

that's the key isn't it. As much as the project/site owners want
corrections and updates to be immediate, you have to insert that step
that forces you to be careful and know what you are doing when you
publish. So too effecient a publishing process can actually backfire on

> > .. But only "you" would have the ability to take code to the
> > production server. However, you're gonna need a beeper for those weekend
> > emergencies when someone needs code put out fast. 

In this case I think changing the ftp password, and giving accounts only
to developers who understand and respect the process should do it.
Meanwhile, I've handed off the webmaster role - I don't hand out my home
phone number if I can help it, and I'm certainly not about to get a
beeper :)


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