[thelist] <cfoutput> problems

Steven Wood steve.wood at serviceengine.com
Fri Oct 20 13:13:51 CDT 2000

> I am having a problem where when using a cfoutput to generate a dynamic
> variable, the "cfoutput" and "/cfoutput" tags are also showing up.

> < a href="index.cfm?FA=< cfoutput>#foo#< /cfoutput>">whatever< /a>
> the generated output will look like this:
> < a href="index.cfm?FA=< cfoutput>bar< /cfoutput>">whatever< /a>

Don't use <cfoutput> "in-line", if you know what I mean.
It's better practice to have it frame your code... like this...

< a href="index.cfm?FA=#foo#">whatever< /a>

That will do it.

Steven Wood
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