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jeff jeff at members.evolt.org
Fri Oct 20 14:43:39 CDT 2000


:  From: Tab Alleman
:  Why won't this bit of JavaScript cause all the
:  checkboxes in 'MainTableForm' to be checked
:  when run?  I've tried every variation of the
:  script below that I can think of.  I can do it with
:  a regular for loop, but I want the for/inloop to
:  work like it's supposed to.

i don't have time today to test the for/in loop will do what it's supposed
to, but i do have a question that might help answer your question.  in your
form do you have multiple checkboxes with the same name?  if so, they are
now an array of checkboxes and you must take that into account when
referencing them individually.

good luck,


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