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aardvark roselli at earthlink.net
Fri Oct 20 15:01:03 CDT 2000

> From: "Patricia Meeks" <pmeeks at email.msn.com>
> My client wants a more "golden" color. I am using #FFCC66 and 
there are two
> other orange/yellow web safe colors that I can see in FW:  
#FFCC33 and
> #FFCC00.
> But, on my monitor, I can not see "any" difference between these 
> colors. Does anyone know if one looks more "golden" or "richer" 
than the
> other? Or, is there a combo of two web safe colors I can dither to 
make a
> more "golden" color? Or...is this just a question without an 
answer given
> the huge differences in monitors and OS.

monitor settings vary from user to user, coupled with environment, 
hardware, OS, etc... so, no, the colors won't look the same to 
everyone... and yes, i do see a difference...

if you want to create dithers, try using Photoshop's DItherbox 
filter... another good resource is http://www.colormix.com/

also, keep in mind that 16-bit doesn't show all the web-safe colors, 
so only folks at 8-bit and 24-bit+ may see them anway... it might 
be worth checking that out and maybe even skipping the web-safe 

Death of the Websafe Color Palette?

> <tip>Find out the resolution you client has their monitor(s) set to if you
> have not visited with them in person. All my clients 17" monitors were set
> at "out of the box" resolutions (600x480).</tip>

HAH !!!

i keep telling you... i keep writing articles on it, but no one listens... 
hahah ahhaha hah...


640 x 480 Isn't Dead Just Yet

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