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I didn't say this, but uhhh... you can bend the websafe colors into the
windows 256... or like what your talking about make a 'mesh'

checkout http://www.boxtop.com  ?

box top software makes a mini app to were you can make or manipulate meshes
or dithered colors.

(creates larger images)

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Ugh... I accidently hit the send button before I wrote the question...sorry
(I need sleep).

My client wants a more "golden" color. I am using #FFCC66 and there are two
other orange/yellow web safe colors that I can see in FW:  #FFCC33 and

But, on my monitor, I can not see "any" difference between these three
colors. Does anyone know if one looks more "golden" or "richer" than the
other? Or, is there a combo of two web safe colors I can dither to make a
more "golden" color? Or...is this just a question without an answer given
the huge differences in monitors and OS.


Patricia Meeks
pmeeks at msn.com

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