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Patricia Meeks pmeeks at email.msn.com
Fri Oct 20 18:16:23 CDT 2000

>I didn't say this, but uhhh... you can bend the websafe colors into the
>windows 256... or like what your talking about make a 'mesh'

>checkout http://www.boxtop.com
(Thanks, but they don't seem to be there now, but I can dither two colors in

Thanks for the color articles, I've read the articles several times before
and once more today. They are excellent. I'll switch to one of the other
colors and see what the client thinks, I was just hoping someone knew an
absolute answer.

> > <tip>Find out the resolution your client has their monitor(s) set to if
> > have not visited with them in person. All my clients 17" monitors were
> > at "out of the box" resolutions (600x480).</tip>
> HAH !!!
> i keep telling you... i keep writing articles on it, but no one listens...
> hahah ahhaha hah...

For sure. If I hadn't read your article I would never have thought to ask
when the client complained about the part numbers in the tables wrapping to
three lines. What bugs me, is this is not the first time I've seen this in a
corporate setting, and in all these situations the clients have paid tech
heads a small fortune to install their networks and computers and then the
monitors are left in a default state. Plus, no one reviews with the client
how to make the most basic changes, whether it's resolution, font size,
security, or what ever. It's one thing if they want a 640x480 screen, it's
another if the higher res is what they need and paid for. For my clients,
not having to scroll all over the place will save them days in time wasted
finding part numbers from their own database.

In private settings (using my own family for stats), of every family member
who has purchased a computer in the last two years, not one knew they could
change the resolution and they all paid the big bucks for the larger,
fancier monitors with near top-of-the-line graphics cards! They had no clue
as to what they were buying or what the specs meant.

Patricia Meeks
pmeeks at msn.com

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