[thelist] bug in fw3/dw3 Create Web Photo Album

rudy Rudy_Limeback at maritimelife.ca
Fri Oct 20 18:45:05 CDT 2000

> but I can dither two colors in Fireworks3

hi patricia -- or any other fireworks3/dreamweaver3 user

i recently installed fireworks, and saw something in the readme file that 
i really wanted to try --

   Create Web Photo Album is a sophisticated example of using 
   JavaScript to control Fireworks from within Dreamweaver. 
   This command is installed into the Dreamweaver 3 Commands menu. 
   Create Web Photo Album uses Fireworks to process a folder of 
   images to create thumbnails and full-size source images, then 
   uses Dreamweaver to create a Web page of thumbnails and linked 
   pages of source graphics.

okay, i tried to do this but i keep getting an error in dreamweaver --

  "while executing onClick in Create Web Photo Album.htm,
   a Javascript error occurs"

i tried looking this up in the Help, but i found this experience to be 
quite frustrating, because all it does is send you to


where there isn't really any help available, but there are some pretty 
good instructions for filling out the little gizmo or widget or dialog box 
or whatever you call it -- no offence, jd, if you're reading this, but i 
can do a pretty good job of that myself, what i want is help for when it 
*doesn't* do what it says it will do

specifically, step 13 says "Click OK, fireworks launches" which is where i 
get the javascript error and fireworks does not launch

does anyone know what i need to do to get this to proceed?


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