[thelist] Help With This Color

Gerd Baumann gb at inetwire.com
Sat Oct 21 00:13:35 CDT 2000

> My client wants a more "golden" color. I am using #FFCC66 and there are two
> other orange/yellow web safe colors that I can see in FW:  #FFCC33 and
> #FFCC00.

Hi Patricia,

did you know there's a color name "gold"? It's somewhere around #FFD600.
Maybe it helps if you're arguing with your client. At least you can tell
hime that's the color that is considered by some people as gold.

If you want my personal opinion, I think none of the colors you mentioned
look like gold, they look like orange-yellow. If I was to use a gold color,
I would look in the region around #CCCC66. Do you know the old homepage
of ippa.org? *That* was gold! (I just noticed they decided on a new flash

HTH, Gerd

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