[thelist] Help With This Color

aardvark roselli at earthlink.net
Sat Oct 21 11:33:47 CDT 2000

> From: Donna Jones <donnajj at gwi.net>
> Hi all, I'm arriving a bit late - neat thread here.  One thing Patrician
> mentioned that I don't think was addressed, was that she said she
> couldn't see the difference between the three gold colors.  I can, and

it wasn't specifically addressed, but it was touched upon... colors 
vary greatly from monitor to monitor, based not only on calibration, 
but on lighting, environment, monitor age, etc...  let's assume that 
as a developer, your monitor is calibrated... that's just one of 
millions of settings -- assuming every user's monitor is unique (it 

> someone else said they could.  So, Patrician, you may want to adjust
> your monitor.  I ran across this link not too long ago -
> http://africafocus.library.wisc.edu/visualcheck.html   Also, I tried to
> get a client to use it because I think his settings are too dark, but
> that didn't get very far. ;)  

i think you'll find resistance from clients, and for good reason... if 
it's too dark for your client, you can ask him/her to adjust his/her 
monitor... but you can't expect him/her to ask all the users of 
his/her site... that's just not realistic... many users have enough 
problems resizing their windows, installing plug-ins, or even surfing 
in multiple windows... can you really expect it's a good user 
experience to ask users to calibrate?

one final note:  *pelase* trim your posts... cut the headers, footers, 
and message parts not related to the points you are addressing... 
you'll make me and the digest readers happier...

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