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Erika Meyer erika at seastorm.com
Sat Oct 21 13:05:22 CDT 2000

>  > someone else said they could.  So, Patrician, you may want to adjust
>  > your monitor.

FWIW I don't see much diff between those colors either, at least not 
on my little BBEdit color swatch.

>i think you'll find resistance from clients, and for good reason...

you'll find resistance from me, too. Actually, I think my monitor is 
pretty normal: I check my sites on multiple monitors, OS's, and I 
haven't seen a whole heckofa lot of different.  I use a Mac set just 
a hair on the dark side of normal Mac settings, if I remember.

If I were working intimately with the gold colors mentioned, I 
probably would see more of a difference.  But there are certain 
colors on the web safe palette that look very similar to me.

I hate it when people get all anal about colors on the web.  For 
goddsakes we're lucky we have colors!!!

I got a computer in November 1997.  It was my first color monitor. 
Boy was I wowed.  Remember when we got to decide between green & 
black, amber & black, or grey & black?

Maybe we should.

<tip type="web colors" author="erika">
Try thinking about your web colors like colors you might see in the 
sky, or on plants, rather than colors you see on paper or opaque 
objects.  Think in terms of the tinge of clouds at sunrise or sunset, 
vibrant green after a spring rain, bursts of blossoms in spring...

<tip type="web colors" author="erika">
If you know your monitor settings are slightly lighter or darker than 
normal, just keep it in mind when choosing your web-safe colors. 
#FFFFCC on my Mac sometimes looks like #FFFF99 on a darker PC.

<tip type="web colors" author="erika">
Got an Atari 2600?  Rig it up & play missile command.  Now THOSE are colors.

erika at seastorm.com

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