[thelist] Help With This Color

Donna Jones donnajj at gwi.net
Sat Oct 21 21:23:13 CDT 2000

aardvark wrote:
> > From: Donna Jones <donnajj at gwi.net>

> it wasn't specifically addressed, but it was touched upon... colors
> vary greatly from monitor to monitor, based not only on calibration,
> but on lighting, environment, monitor age, etc...  let's assume that
> as a developer, your monitor is calibrated... that's just one of
> millions of settings -- assuming every user's monitor is unique (it
> is)...

well, I didn't know much about calibration (probably still don't), even
as a "developer", so I just wanted to pass on that link because it
seemed useful to me.  If I was not seeing various gradients when others
could see them, I would figure there might be some adjustments I could
> > someone else said they could.  So, Patrician, you may want to adjust
> > your monitor.  I ran across this link not too long ago -
> > http://africafocus.library.wisc.edu/visualcheck.html   Also, I tried to
> > get a client to use it because I think his settings are too dark, but
> > that didn't get very far. ;)
> i think you'll find resistance from clients, and for good reason... if
> it's too dark for your client, you can ask him/her to adjust his/her
> monitor... but you can't expect him/her to ask all the users of
> his/her site... that's just not realistic... many users have enough

Yes, of course, this particular client is someone though that I've known
for a long time and helped regularly w/ computer.  At any rate, I feel
better knowing I've got my monitor set as well as I can, and then the
chips will fall from there.  
> problems resizing their windows, installing plug-ins, or even surfing
> in multiple windows... can you really expect it's a good user
> experience to ask users to calibrate?

I am sorry that my note was so poorly worded that you would have thought
I would have ever considered asking users to calibrate.  I try to
"degrade gracefully", to the best of my ability.   

> one final note:  *pelase* trim your posts... cut the headers, footers,
> and message parts not related to the points you are addressing...
> you'll make me and the digest readers happier...

Sorry, will try to do better.


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