[thelist] Mac to IIS: FTP hell

Chris George chrisgeorge at home.com
Sat Oct 21 23:45:46 CDT 2000

Hi Erika,

Would the machine you're trying to transfer the files between be behind a
firewall?  Or some other sort of proxy server?

I'm on a Powerbook behind a firewall provided by our telco and lately, even
using PASV ftp, I get kicked -- often.  What we think is happening is the
proxy server spontaneously  blocks the FTP receive port (which is, afaik
(and I don't claim to know anything about transfer protocols) different than
port 21) based on a set of criteria that made it make that decision.  Sounds
flaky, and it's definitely frustrating.  It happens with Fetch and
Dreamweaver.  It also happens to other people on the network (Mac and

I guess I'm not really offering a solution here, just mentioning that we
might have similar problems, and our SysAdmin thinks that that's what's

I think the suggestions made are very good, the phone line and installing
something better than IIS FTP.  It was so bad they removed it from PWS.
WarFTP is also good (though a little bush).



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> I have to move this big-ass site (approx 3,000 pages, I'm told) from
> an old Mac (WebSTAR) server to a new NT (IIS) server.

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