[thelist] Mac to IIS: FTP hell

Erika Meyer erika at seastorm.com
Sun Oct 22 12:33:49 CDT 2000

Scott, I believe you on this one (having watched the threads on this 
a couple of weeks ago).

I have not really been clear about what I've been doing until now. 
All I've been doing is downloading the site.  Trying to download from 
WebSTAR to another computer in the middle.  I've been downloading to 
a Mac because at this point, that's all I have.

It is conceivable (but from the sounds of this, will not be much 
easier) to transfer directly to IIS.  However, the current method 
(downloading to an interim machine) allows me to become pretty 
familiar with this site I had no hand in creating, and if there is 
any hope for maintenance, it is a site I need to understand 
intimately.  (almost all pages look the same, but all static and full 
of time-dated material.  BLAH!) It is also because there are plenty 
of "garbage" files in the current site... old files that are doing 
nothing but taking up space.  If nothing else, I'm learning a lot 
about the site, since I can't download more than one directory at 

It is not the speed of my connection.  I've tried on a fast and on a 
slow connection.  It has nothing to do with IIS (yet).  All I'm doing 
at this point is downloading.  But it sounds like, in fact, there is 
not likely to be a better way, because the problem is the old server.

Really, the IT department should be helping me on this, but when I 
ask them to do really basic stuff with the new server, they don't 
know how.  And they don't have time to learn.  IIS was a choice made 
by a third party hired by the PR department long before I came along.

I'm game to learn new things, but there is only so much one can learn 
when the masses are clamoring for the entire site to be moved, 
revised, updated.

BTW I walked into this position after it had been vacant for a year. 
A few other people had been offered this job before me, but they all 
wanted too much money.  heh.

oh well. Thanks for the heads up, Scott.

aardvark, there's a program called zippit for Mac.  I've not had a 
lot of luck with the compression end on my home machine (causes me to 
crash)... but who knows.

I'm honestly a bit afraid to mess with the Mac server more than I 
have to, as it already is prone to crashing, scripts suddenly not 
working, etc.  Not to mention I and no one on campus knows anything 
about the machine or the programs it runs.

wow.  this was long.

erika at seastorm.com

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