[thelist] Copy site designs... again

Erika Meyer erika at seastorm.com
Sun Oct 22 16:48:58 CDT 2000


I think you bring up a good point, about whats-his-name even though 
you SHOULD read the primary source material, just to make sure 
what's-his-name actually says what everyone says he says.

There is the suggestion on Jakob's part (his 'suggestions' are 
usually strongly worded, of course) that certain things about sites 
are standardized, that it is counter-productive to get all creative 
about basic metaphors like, say, shopping carts.

However, I think that within Nielson's realm, there is still plenty 
of room for creative variation. (even though he might not recognize 
it.)  And I think the site in question fails to capitalize on that 
creative wiggle room.  And I think the author is really not capable 
of thinking for himself.

I find this site devious because it attempts to see usability 
services by copying the design of an-already-successful usability 
site.  It would be one thing if the design were similar, but the 
subject matter different, or vice versa.  But this is just annoying. 
God, even down to the "Georgia" font.  And the extreme headlines: 
"Why General Navigation Must Die."

Must die?

Surfing this site is a surrealistic experience.  The look, feel, 
subject matter AND tone are all Jakob ripoffs.  It is, yet is not 
Jakob.  And not that I've never had usability problems with Jakob's 
work--I have--but as you delve deeper into the ripoff site, you 
encounter too many problems.  The link that you think is a form, but 
turns out to be a mailto.  The excessive use of bold text that noises 
out the signal...

>maybe this bohmann fellow is an just acolyte -- according to what i hear (i
>don't read his columns often myself), mister what's-his-name wants all web
>sites to look the same

erika at seastorm.com

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