[thelist] Weird Problem with Netscape and CSS

Tony Bounds tbounds at gci.net
Sun Oct 22 22:05:21 CDT 2000

This all happens using NS 4.6 on a Mac. I don't know what happens with other
versions and platforms.

For some strange reason Netscape has a problem with external style sheets
and some classes when the reference to the style sheet is located in a
directory outside of the page using it. I just spent a few hours figuring
this out. Using Netscape you can see an example at...


Click on the search imp. The layer and form pop up and are close in
appearance to how I want them. The external style sheet is in the same

Now goto...


Click on the search imp. The layer and form pop up but the css formatting is
goofed up. Here the external style sheet is in a different directory.

Whats weird is the formatting for fonts, etc. on the page is fine but the
formatting I'm using to draw some content boxes in the layer gets goofed up.
The dimensions and backgrounds for the boxes are lost. For instance this

.titlebox  { background: #8c4218 url(images/backgrounds/cronkbkg.jpeg);
margin: 3px 3px 0px; padding: 2px 0px 1px 4px; width: 244px; height: auto }

...loses the height and width dimensions as well as the background
formatting. You can see part of the formatting gets read in like the colors
but not all of it.

Have any of you run into this? The only fix I know of know are to make
styles internal or have a copy of the external style sheet in every
directory. Any help would be appreciated.

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