[thelist] Colour blindness - a follow up

Steve Cook sck at biljettpoolen.se
Mon Oct 30 03:28:32 CST 2000

Well, after all the discussion around colour blindness on this list, I was
chatting to a customer the other day who remarked that the red stars I was
using on our site to denote "Required information" in a form, were invisible
to him against the site's blue background! (Very old legacy site that I'm
working on improving now!)

I was very pleased that at least (even though I hadn't spotted the potential
problem myself) I knew enough about the problem to be able to immediately
suggest the remedy (use yellow instead) and treat the comment seriously.

That's one happy client :-)

Steve Cook
Biljettpoolen AB
Web Strateg
tel: 031 15 16 17
mob: 0703 132631

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