[thelist] Meta Name Key words

Adrian Fischer adrian at logo-logic.com
Mon Oct 30 05:13:38 CST 2000

Hi Gang,

This is more of an ethical thing .  When using key words how unethical would
it be to use words the same as an competing site?  There are only so many
descriptive words out there.  Could you get into some sort of trouble for
it. I have seen the comments in here about people copying others site
design.  Would you place this in the same boat?  Obviously you wouldn't just
cut and paste from view source, and the odd additional word would be thrown
in but what else can you do.  I could look in the thesaurus and come up with
a shed load of words that mean the same or similar but that doesn't help in
getting listed on search engines.

Any comments would be appreciated.

Adrian Fischer

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