[thelist] Meta Name Key words

rudy limeback r937 at interlog.com
Mon Oct 30 06:09:04 CST 2000

> This is more of an ethical thing .  When using key words how
> unethical would it be to use words the same as an competing site?

hi adrian

how unethical compared to what?   ;o)

actually, you are right to be concerned

using bad meta keywords is dangerous territory, infested by lawyers

  "Is it illegal to use trademarked terms in your meta tags?
   Not necessarily. Can you get sued? Yes, and people have.
   Trouble may come your way depending on why and how
   you are using the tags. ... Key cases about this issue are
   summarized below, and there are links to more information."
             Meta Tag Lawsuits

> There are only so many descriptive words out there.

yes, but this is the challenge

creativity does not come by force

> Obviously you wouldn't just cut and paste from view source

you're right

i drop it into a text editor and rearrange it first   ;o)


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