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Mon Oct 30 09:05:22 CST 2000

[sender: Villano, Paul || date: 09:46 30/10/2000 -0500]
>It has been a while but when I had Win95 I found the PWS on Microsoft's site
>on one of the Service Pack sites, buried deeply and written poorly as if you
>had to download the Service Pack to get PWS (you didn't).  However, now I'm
>on Win98 and found PWS already on the system under CABS folders.
>(You'll find a Setup.exe there.)
>Or am I just muddying the waters further?  :)

Sadly PWS doesn't work with WinME.

Oh, did I already post a message about that?

OK. Time for a tip, then. (hello rudi ;-))

<tip type="selective refresh">
We use a webcam that creates a .jpg on the server, but we don't want the 
page to reload entirely, do we?

I tried using ilayers and iframes, but since the image is inside a table 
with gifs, everything went crazy in Netscape (amazing, huh?).

So. A little javascript does the trick. Adding a false param to an image 
makes the browser request the image from the server. So I added a temp 
date's values.

The trick is not mine, but i can't remember who to credit it to. Maybe the 
adv-HTML list contributors.

var timer;

function refreshImg() {
     var tmp = new Date();
     var chaine = "the_webcam_image.jpg?" + tmp.getHours() + 
tmp.getMinutes() + tmp.getSeconds() + tmp.getMilliseconds();
     document.images["imgRefresh"].src = chaine;
     timer = setTimeout("refreshImg()",7000);


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