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Mon Oct 30 09:28:25 CST 2000

Thanks, Paul.

I actually installed the version on my Win95 disc, but even after installing
and correctly configuring my personal web server, it doesn't seem to
'understand' ASP code.

I'm just starting to learn ASP. I was following a tutorial I found here:

Followed the guy's instructions to the letter but PWS doesn't seem to
interpret the 'Time' function specified in the workshop (Step 4: Creating an
ASP Page). My 'students.asp' file just shows "The time is."

I was thinking maybe my Win95 version of PWS is in need of updating...or am
I doing something wrong?

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> It has been a while but when I had Win95 I found the PWS on Microsoft's
> on one of the Service Pack sites, buried deeply and written poorly as if
> had to download the Service Pack to get PWS (you didn't).  However, now
> on Win98 and found PWS already on the system under CABS folders.
> (You'll find a Setup.exe there.)
> Or am I just muddying the waters further?  :)
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