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martin.p.burns at uk.pwcglobal.com martin.p.burns at uk.pwcglobal.com
Mon Oct 30 10:32:36 CST 2000

Hello all from the new chalkface^W Employer of Choice.

Just catching up on a couple of weeks' worth (mmm Holiday), and found
Rudy battling the forces of 'Click Here' darkness:

> >I can't find any links or resources talking about the proper way to
>>link, though.

 >  Probably the #1 rule is that you should not use "Click here"
 >  to point to a document. Keep in mind that not everyone can
 >  "click" (e.g., some people are using non-graphic browsers)
 >  and also consider that you or someone else might ever print
 >  out the document and on paper, "click here" just seems silly :-)
 >  Therefore, it is best if the text of the link actually has something
 >  to do with the content. It also makes bookmarks/hotlinks
 >  work much better.

However, I'm beginning to wonder (much as I hate it - think fingernails
and blackboards) whether the Click Here fungus is becoming a standard
(through the insistence of  PHBs who consider themselves creative writers),
and therefore more usable than more sensible hypertext.

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