Re Re [thelist] PWS - where?

Faustus faustus at
Mon Oct 30 13:18:02 CST 2000

Thanks, Ron. Must be the server setup, then. I have a file, default.asp,
under "http:\\MyComputerName\MyASPDir\students\"...the directory is set to
read & execute...I've even set it up as my PWS homepage, but it's still not
giving me the time of day. :)

Source code for default.asp:

The time is <%= Time() %>.

Does this look right to you ASP boffins?

Faustus at

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> If your address line looks more like
> "http:\\MyComputerName\MyASPDir_which_is_under_
> wwwroot_(backslash)_inetpub\MyASPFile.asp" .... and it still isn't
> then you may have something amiss in your server setup.

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