[thelist] XSL=Programming Lang (was XML/ XSL and ASP question)

Michael Angeles angeles at lucent.com
Mon Oct 30 13:55:00 CST 2000

"Warden, Matt" wrote:
> I've heard people say that XSL (the stylesheet language), XSLT, and XPath
> aren't all grouped under XSL. Then, I've heard others say that each is just a
> part of a higher group of XSL. I think it stems from how XSL developed. Know
> what the "correct" thought is as of now?

good question. that definition i gave is based on 

	Bradley, Neil. The XSL Companion. Addison-Wesley Pub. Co, 2000. 

i take your position generally, matt, xsl (because of the expression language
portion) is indeed a programming language because it includes an expression
language component. in my opinion, it doesn't really matter what you call it, as
long as you know how to use it. 

in any case, here's what the w3c says -- and i guess they are the most
authoritative source when it comes to defining xsl.

	XSL is a language for expressing stylesheets. It consists of two parts:
	1. XSL Transformations (XSLT): a language for transforming XML documents 
	2. An XML vocabulary for specifying formatting semantics (XSL Formatting


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