[thelist] New font & witty anecdote

K Stevens kjs at ratking.co.uk
Mon Oct 30 14:48:04 CST 2000

Dear All
              Once again the subject of accessibility is raging so I thought
some of you might be interested in this. The RNIB (Royal National Institute
for the Blind) has designed a new range of fonts called Tiresias. There are
3 fonts in the Tiresias range, PC font, Infofont and Signfont, designed to
make it easier to read text on computer screens, cash points & signs in
public places like railway stations. Unfortunately there is nothing about
this on their website (typical), but apparently you can get more information

RNIB Scientific Research Unit
224 Great Portland St.
London W1N 6AA

I do volunteer work for the RNIB in their Computer Volunteer Service which
means I help visually impaired people with their computer problems. If any
of you Brits out there are interested in doing the same then please mail me
& I will give you details on how to apply.
As for the witty anecdote, a computer illiterate friend of mine was recently
telling me of his involvement in a web site for authors to publish their
work on the Net. He was telling me all about how it works and how they have
a way of keeping track of users by using "teacakes". We were both pretty
drunk and I honestly thought he was referring to some cool software until
the penny dropped and I realised that he meant "cookies" not "teacakes" :)
Just thought I'd share that with you cos I've had a crap weekend with my
computer totally crashing and having to re-format and re-install ME...

kjs at ratking.co.uk

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