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A. Erickson amanda at gawow.com
Mon Oct 30 21:41:30 CST 2000

Everyone's thoughts re: common word keywords is right on. What I would
recommend overall is first going through and doing your own keywords. Keep
in mind that if you put the damn dictionary in your metatags most search
engines won't bother to index and some may penalize you. Go through the site
and put appropriate keywords and appropriate summaries for each page. Then,
look at your competitors and see which words they are using that you can
also legitimately use.

Above all, don't let your client get hung up on search engine rankings. It's
almost impossible without purchasing a ranking to make yourself top of the
list. What you should be thinking about is making sure that customers can
find you online -- that is the objective.

- amanda

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> Hi Gang,
> This is more of an ethical thing .  When using key words how
> unethical would
> it be to use words the same as an competing site?  There are only so many
> descriptive words out there.  Could you get into some sort of trouble for
> it. I have seen the comments in here about people copying others site
> design.  Would you place this in the same boat?  Obviously you
> wouldn't just
> cut and paste from view source, and the odd additional word would
> be thrown
> in but what else can you do.  I could look in the thesaurus and
> come up with
> a shed load of words that mean the same or similar but that
> doesn't help in
> getting listed on search engines.
> Any comments would be appreciated.
> Adrian Fischer
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