[thelist] 'about' (was: 'Click here')

Tony Bounds tbounds at gci.net
Mon Oct 30 22:08:02 CST 2000

on 10/30/00 6:35 PM, A. Erickson at amanda at gawow.com wrote:

> What I really hate are sites cramming all sort of crap under 'about' that
> shouldn't go there such as the FAQ, Help Pages and Contact Info. Or, sites
> that forgo an 'about' altogether but don't really give you any other way to
> figure it out. Or, sites that don't have a lot of content or are ambiguous
> and then have a single paragraph 'about' section. This is especially
> troubling with sites that are selling something.

Some others that might work...




Which you could spiff up with something similar to this...

<a href="#" onmouseover="this.innerHTML = 'About us...'"
onmouseout="this.innerHTML = 'Examine'">Examine</a>


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