[thelist] Big Time Help/Info needed

Anthony Baratta Anthony at Baratta.com
Mon Oct 30 22:58:23 CST 2000

Gene Arcamonte wrote:
> Hi, I have an unusual chat-site at www.hbchat.com
> The chat pages are at: http://www.hbchat.com/Pages/gbook_1.html
> It has received approx 5,000 hits and has two main
> pages which each recieve and average of 100-130
> posts a day. I also have a feature that lets me ban
> select IP address. I have banned this guy quite often:

If this Gentleman is dialing in via a modem pool, he gets a new address each time he
logs in. Same with an ISDN line. Some versions of DSL and cable modems are also
dynamically assigned IPs.  Unless you want to ban a whole series of subnets you are
going to have a hard time shutting him out.

Good Luck.

Anthony Baratta
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