[thelist] Big Time Help/Info needed

David J. Burger davidjburger at yahoo.com
Mon Oct 30 23:28:35 CST 2000

Well, I'm no TCP/IP guru, but if he is on a dial up
account he can probably get a different IP every time
he logs on.  For DSL and Cable Modems, he probably
will be getting the same IP.  Also, if he is
connecting from his company's network, he can probably
get a different IP as well.  You are probably going to
have to do more than block one IP to stop this
individual.  You may be able to block the subnet that
he is on, but he will probably just choose another way
to log in...

Tough to stop something like that, unless you go to
logins and you ban him so that he has to sign up again
under a different name...

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