[thelist] I Could Really Use A Page Check

Michele Foster michele at wordpro.on.ca
Mon Oct 30 23:29:15 CST 2000

Hi Patricia,

Just a few observations ..

- Text underneath Amkor is VERY close to the edge, found it painful to try
to read
- Brown text on the yellow isn't very clear, perhaps keep the "open" menu in
the green, instead of introducing that extra colour to indicate it being in
open state.
- "Dummy Components" ?
- Splitting text across two columns (newspaper style) is never a good idea.
If you must, introduce a paragraph break, as this page breaks very oddly on
my screen. http://www.whitesalmon.net/pmeeks/pci/amkor/amkor_mlf.htm
- Top part of the "W" in web site problems or comments is missing.
- Large yellow squares in the bottom navigation make it difficult to read.
Replace with yellow | and it should look fine.
- Why is there both left and top navigation which is exactly the same?
Dummy Components, Amkor Technology ... etc. ?
- Delete all the blank space at the bottom.

Overall, looks good at high res, and at 800x600 but fails at 640 .. oh well.

Good luck,


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> Hi...
> I have a tough deadline on this project and thought I'd put up just a few
> representative pages to see how it looks to others. Most every page
> this exact format (so loading 150 more pages would be silly). The only
> I loaded are a few of the local Amkor links in the left navigation panel.
> The goals are cross browser compatibility; no JS (over 20% of our visitors
> have JS disabled); degrades gracefully in non-CSS browsers; fast as
> loading; simple navigation and the abilty to get legible print screens.
> What I'd like to know is:
> 1) How does it look on a Mac (font size, etc.)? How does it look in 3.0
> browsers? Does it meet the above criteria (plus any suggestions to achieve
> the goals?  I think I set up the html correctly to look like it's fast,
> I'm not an expert.
> 2) The design -- go ahead and rip it apart if that's the way you see
t  --
> constructive help would be great. I was limited in color (the "gold"
> discussion -- and I couldn't some colors by client request for legitimate
> reasons).
> http://www.whitesalmon.net/pmeeks/pci/amkor/amkor_pq_lqfp.htm
> Thanks (it's tough working in a vacuum so your thoughts would be a great
> help).
> Patricia Meeks
> pmeeks at msn.com
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