[thelist] I Could Really Use A Page Check

Patricia Meeks pmeeks at email.msn.com
Tue Oct 31 00:03:28 CST 2000


Thanks a million for the Mac check...but I have no clue as to why the type
on the "file not found" would be small.

I have no idea what to do about the empty space at the bottom, I hate it. I
put the left navigation table to the left and centered the content tables so
they wrap to the right. The left nav table has to be as high as the longest
content page in that section to keep the centered content tables from moving
left. The left nav table is a "library" cut/paste item so that I can make
site-wide changes (as if it were a SSI).

The problem I saw, was that if I put the left navigation and the content
tables in the same table, nothing would show on the page until everything
downloaded. I didn't want 20+ seconds of nothing to chase away users with
slow connections . If I have to have a separate left nav panel for each page
I'll go crazy (150+ pages). Maybe someone knows a workaround? I couldn't get
the left nav table to size automatically to the browser window to eliminate
all that white space, but maybe I've overlooked something.

Again, thanks! Whew, I don't know anyone with a Mac and it's a relief to
know it's ok and it also degrades and works with text-only browsers.

> I did notice that some pages have a *lot* of empty space at the
> bottom of the page.
> >http://www.whitesalmon.net/pmeeks/pci/amkor/amkor_pq_lqfp.htm
> Curiosity: when I followed the dead links the File Not Found page was
> in type that was too small to read.

Patricia Meeks
pmeeks at msn.com

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