[thelist] Big Time Help/Info needed

Daniel J. Cody djc at five2one.org
Tue Oct 31 00:43:50 CST 2000

(shoulda read this whole thread before I posted the earlier suggestion)
If the program you're using to ban subnets is really working, this
shouldn't be a problem. Seriously, without a very difficult amount of
work could a person just grab IP address's to use at random. This is why
I think that if what you're saying is true about this person grabbing
random IP's, the software you're using to check and verify a person's IP
address is flawed.

Banning class b's(x.x.*.*) and class a's(x.*.*.*) won't really stop the
problem, and you're probably just shutting people out of your site that
aren't doing anything wrong.

Again, unless this person is pretty smart, or they're using some sort of
script-kiddie software I've never seen, there is no way that they can
just magically change their IP address.(unless they have an unlimited
number of shell acounts to post to your site with a program like lynx,
in which case you're hosed)

What kind of software are you using to do the IP resolution?


Gene Arcamonte wrote:
> Anthony, I could easily ban a series of subnets by, for instrance, banning
> the
> IP sequence of off at: 216.65.106 or: 216.65. or: 216.
> The problem is that he has a program that is going out there and grabbing
> valid IP's like: which belongs to WestOrange.cw.net whatever
> the hell
> that is. For awhile he was using French Telnet until I banned most of France
> which generally begins with 193.

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