[thelist] I Could Really Use A Page Check

Donna Jones donnajj at gwi.net
Tue Oct 31 00:45:08 CST 2000

Hi again Patricia:  I downloaded your code and look at it all a bit. 
What you really need to do is nest your tables, but depending on your
deadline that might or might not be practical to figure out!

I found were you had put the td height that adds all the white space ---
I think you have it at 2500 (if I remember right).  Anyway, 1250 might
be a good compromise.  It works pretty exactly right for me at 800 x
600, and with a larger resolution you'd still have some white space but
not as much.  Of course, I'm not taking the lower resolution into
account, so not sure how you'd want to factor that in ...


Patricia Meeks wrote:
> Hi...
> I have a tough deadline on this project and thought I'd put up just a few
> representative pages to see how it looks to others. Most every page follows
> this exact format (so loading 150 more pages would be silly). The only links
> I loaded are a few of the local Amkor links in the left navigation panel.
> The goals are cross browser compatibility; no JS (over 20% of our visitors
> have JS disabled); degrades gracefully in non-CSS browsers; fast as possible
> loading; simple navigation and the abilty to get legible print screens.
> What I'd like to know is:
> 1) How does it look on a Mac (font size, etc.)? How does it look in 3.0
> browsers? Does it meet the above criteria (plus any suggestions to achieve
> the goals?  I think I set up the html correctly to look like it's fast, but
> I'm not an expert.
> 2) The design -- go ahead and rip it apart if that's the way you see it  --
> constructive help would be great. I was limited in color (the "gold"
> discussion -- and I couldn't some colors by client request for legitimate
> reasons).
> http://www.whitesalmon.net/pmeeks/pci/amkor/amkor_pq_lqfp.htm

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