[thelist] Big Time Help/Info needed

Shoshannah Forbes xslf at xslf.com
Tue Oct 31 04:01:14 CST 2000

It is rather easy to get different IPs all the time.

* Dial-up users get a different IP from there ISP each time they connect.
* Lots of people (at least in Israel) have accounts with more then one ISP.
Each ISP assigned different IP numbers from a different netblock.
* Connect from different locations each time (internet cafe, library,
school, friend's house etc).
* Or the user can use a public proxy server to hid his true IP (and change
the proxy server each time for a different IP)

I own bool ( http://www.bool.co.il ) which provided free services to Israeli
site builders. Some time ago we had a problem of a user Spamming and
flooding most of our user's message boards (he went through the index and
randomly picked a board to spam).

I took his IP + date + time and wrote a complaint to his ISP abuse desk.
Sure enough, they booted him of there servers, and he has stopped being a
problem :-)

Shoshannah Forbes
Hebrew services for site owners http://www.bool.co.il
Moderator, site builder forum http://forums.nana.co.il/forum.asp?id=17
Personal site: http://www.forbes.co.il

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> This guy is really F'ing this up. I may have to just drop the whole thing.
> How is he able to grab a different IP everytime. Is there a program
> he uses? Does anyone know what it is?

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