[thelist] Mysql - wont read first entry?

rudy limeback r937 at interlog.com
Tue Oct 31 06:04:31 CST 2000

> ... The other week we talked about having the column (field) name
> in the SELECT and also in the WHERE as being redundant.  What
> if I want the information in the SELECT to be displayed as well as
> being part of the search criteria? If its just in the WHERE and not in
> the SELECT can I then display it anyway?

hi adrian


if you want to display a column, it has to be in the select list (note that
all columns are implicitly included in select *)

this is independent of whether it's in the where clause

sorry, can't help you with the loop/foreach problem, but from your
description of the symptom, it sounds like it might be the classic
difference between "do while" and "do until" that's causing your code to
skip over the first record


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