[thelist] javascript

Steve Cook sck at biljettpoolen.se
Tue Oct 31 06:15:45 CST 2000

Andrew, it's done using JavaScript (DHTML) and if you simply take a look at
the source code, you'll find this helpful message...

"Hello View-Sourcers!
Welcome to the CA site code. 
Feel free to adapt any of it for you own use, but please do credit us!
If you have any questions/comments/etc, just give us a shout at
artsonline at futurenet.co.uk
Good luck & enjoy!"

Excellent eh? Not only do they use a technology where all the answers are
right there on the page, but they even give you a contact address to ask
questions if you are having trouble adapting it!

Of course, you'll need some JavaScript knowledge, but taking a look at the
source code and seeing what you can puzzle out yourself is probably the
first step.

Good luck.


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> Hi 
> I saw a site the other day with some JavaScript stuff. I 
> tried looking in 
> the code but could not work out how it was done. Its a manual 
> scrolling 
> thing www.computerarts.co.uk 
> Its on the left hand side where you can click on the up or 
> down arrow. 
> How this done? 
> Thanks 
> Also hows the latest news bit done. Thanks again"
> Andrew :-)

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