[thelist] IE's Edit With... button - registry tweak tips... and 2 challenges.

George Dillon george.dillon at ukonline.co.uk
Tue Oct 31 06:43:12 CST 2000

Been experimenting with this some more... tip below.

What got me going was that after installing IE5.5 with web dev accessories
"Word for Windows" was the default editor (like I'm going to use that) and
its dull icon was in the toolbar, but I could find no option for adding
anything else to the "Edit with..." list.  So I figured out the registry
hack I mentioned yesterday (see tip below).

What I can't do... and here's the challenge... is get Dreamweaver's logo in
the toolbar.  Making it the default editor is simple enough (see tip), but
only Word seems able to replace the boring default Edit with logo with its

Anyone any ideas?



<tip type="Internet Explorer">

The "Edit with..." button on the toolbar of IE5.5 with Web dev accessories
can be tweaked to allow you to open the current web page in any other
programme (and not just editors).  This can be very useful for x-browser
testing, validation and, er... editing..

However, there is no ready option to add/remove or rename programmes in the
drop-down list, so you'll have to edit the registry to do this... it's
relatively straightforward, but as always backup first and don't blame me

For example to add Dreamweaver to the list, cut and paste the following code
to a plain text file, save it with the extension ".reg", right-click it in
Explorer and select "Merge".  Note that my example assumes you have
Dreamweaver in the default directory.







@="C:\\Program Files\\Macromedia\\Dreamweaver 3\\Dreamweaver.exe \"%1\""


And here's a few more points:

To RENAME an entry in the list:
Edit its "FriendlyCache" entry ... this is where you can relabel "Microsoft
Word for Windows" as "WordBloat" for example.

To REMOVE an entry from the list:
Use regedit (or whatever) to delete its keys from
[HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\.htm\OpenWithList] and [HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\Applications]

To REORDER the drop-down list:
The order will be that in which the keys were added to the registry, so to
re order this list export the [HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\.htm\OpenWithList] key to a
.reg file, delete the key, use a text editor to rearrange the .reg file to
the order you want, and then merge it again

To CHANGE the DEFAULT editor:
You don't need to tweak the registry.  From IE click Tools > Internet
> Programs > and select your choice from the HTML Editor drop-down list

To get 2 VERSIONS:
The app filename part of the key must be the actual app filename and
duplicate key names (even if they're different case) are not allowed, so to
get 2 versions of an app in the list you must rename one app file (I suggest
you make a copy and rename the copy).  So, for example, if you've already
got NN4, then to add NN3 rename its NETSCAPE.EXE file to Nn3.exe (or
whatever) and then the rest will go:





Finally, if you're reading this from the archive, check for later revisions
to this tip, as this is the early work of a humble trial-and-error merchant
and not the expert advice of some registry guru.


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