[thelist] javascript

Rebekah Murphy bekah at nightvisions.com
Tue Oct 31 08:13:34 CST 2000

There is a good tutorial od dHTML techniques here:
There scrolling example doesn't work on IE, but it can be adapted so
that it will (this page is over a year old now). I adapted the basic
premise of the scrolling function for the "floating" bubbles on this
page that I made:
The actual javascript is on an external page:

Hope that helps


Steve Cook wrote:
> Andrew, it's done using JavaScript (DHTML) and if yo
 simply take a look at
> the source code, you'll find this helpful message...
> "Hello View-Sourcers!

> > -----Original Message-----
> > From: Andrew [mailto:andrew at smgbuffy.u-net.com]
> > I saw a site the other day with some JavaScript stuff. I
> > tried looking in
> > the code but could not work out how it was done. Its a manual
> > scrolling
> > thing www.computerarts.co.uk

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