[thelist] web-based groupware/project mgmt

Ashley Milne ashley at artdepartment.co.uk
Tue Oct 31 09:54:22 CST 2000

Set up a simple database containing the information required.
then build web pages to display it using dreamweaver ultra dev or similar
password protect the information
and give your workers the URL

This is the only solution I can think of without loading specialist software
on every machine.

hope this is of help. (it should only take a few hours to do after you have
got ultradev sussed
Ashley Milne
Web Programmer
The Art Department
1 Rubislaw Place
Aberdeen, AB10 1XN, U.K.
ashley at artdepartment.co.uk
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> I am trying to figure out the best way to manage a development team who
> about 2 hours drive away from me. The status quo is a spreadsheet which is
> emailed round everyone (programmers, managers, senior execs) but that is
> messy and rarely accurate or timely.
> Anyone have any ideas where to go for an off the shelf (as much as
> solution that ignoramuses will have little trouble using and which
> the assignment tracking and completion of tasks?
> No doubt, I am perfectly describing some 100k IBM product....
> nk
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