[thelist] Sending mail from a domain

Michael Galvin mpgalvin at eircom.net
Tue Oct 31 12:26:03 CST 2000

Hi there

I have a few clients that have registered their domain and got hosting
through a host-only ISP (ie, no dialup).  When they send mails, they want to
be able to be sure that the address going out is me at mydomain.com, rather
than me at myisp.ie.

I've solved this temporarily by setting up an account in OE and getting them
to select this account when sending.  However, a few of them are now wanting
to avoid this type of manual work altogether (yes, they're lazy, which is
why they got me to do their website in the first place :)

So, I'd like to know what sort of options they have.  I guess they could get
their own server, with Exchange on it.  Would that work with a dial-up ISP?
Should they splash out on their own webserver, completely?  Isn't there some
shareware apps that can handle this sort of thing?

Basically, they want to send a mail from their desktop, addressed
me at mydomain.com, it should pass through something, and get converted to
me at myisp.ie, then get sent via the dial-up out to wherever, arriving as
me at mydomain.com.  It would also need to work in reverse, such that all
emails addressed to me at mydomain.com are picked up, and sent to
me at mydomain.com (the current situation works because the host has mail


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