[thelist] Quick CSS question

rudy Rudy_Limeback at maritimelife.ca
Tue Oct 31 14:49:01 CST 2000

> I asked the same quest a few hours ago na different list 
> and got this:
> 12:25:33 PM, Tuesday, October 31, 2000, 
> rudy <r937 at interlog.com> wrote:

hi darren

yeah, that was me from home, eh

notice that i gave the htmlgoodies url to the other list, but the 
blooberry url here

target the audience, dontcha know   ;o)

<tip type="search engine strategy">
when you know a page is out there, and you know its name or title or 
author or something definitive about it, all you're missing is the url, 
try  www.ixquick.com  for a really really fast metasearch that only gets 
the top ten from each of the engines it calls (see the site for further 
explanation, it's not what you'd research a topic with but it's great for 
finding a site you've lost the url of)


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