[thelist] Unix and NT? Confusion? What? Help!!!

Ben Henick persist1_pdx at yahoo.com
Tue Oct 31 15:15:05 CST 2000

--- Nicole Parrot <nicole at parrot.ca> wrote:
> Care to share with us some of the questions that were greek to them?
> Maybe I
> can translate from Unix parlance into NT parlance?


We need to set up a system whereby a strip for a given date gets copied
to a predetermined filename (say, 'current.gif').  That is the
requirement that's really causing me stress, as neither I nor the
programmer (a friend of mine who's very talented, but hasn't much
experience with NT).  This is actually being done for two titles, come
to think of it.

Second, we need to be able to upload strips willy-nilly, which means
dealing with NT access permissions.  Again... I am left drooling in
ignorance and confusion.

There is also the matter of spitting out a text-based link list of
archived strips, which will involve crawling the filesystem at some
point in the process.  On this latter count I'm not nearly as concerned
because Chris has access to a wealth of info and advice for
accomplishing this (he's a contributor to the module, for goshsakes).

These are the issues on which the hosting provider has told me to
consult docs... without telling me which docs I ought to consult. 

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