Easy PHP (was: RE: [thelist] A new PWS question)

Steve Cook sck at biljettpoolen.se
Wed Nov 1 02:09:13 CST 2000

Stef posted the following comment to an earlier question of mine. I was
wondering whether the EasyPHP mentioned is the same as this one...


(I'm kinda guessing it is). If so, are there any problems with using this
very heaviliy French language product with an English installation? They
have a translation service for the website, which produces results that are
for me about as understandable as my own attempts at translating the pages

Anyone have any extra experience with EasyPHP?


(Happy birthday to me :-)

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> Now I use EasyPHP, a pre-installed Apache/PHP all in one zip file!
> And I feel happy. Frustrated but happy ;-)
> s t e f

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