Easy PHP (was: RE: [thelist] A new PWS question)

Steve Cook sck at biljettpoolen.se
Wed Nov 1 03:07:37 CST 2000

Fantastique! Quelle bonne surpris!

And other appropriately French outbursts :-)

Well, I dived in and gave the EasyPHP installation script a try and it seems
to have worked just fine. A few tips for anyone looking to try this at home
(I may see about scratching together a quick article on the subject). I'm
travelling to London for a week from tomorrow, so I'm gonna see if I can get
my Unix based PHP / MySQL site running smoothly on my Windows machine for
handy remote developing.

<tip type="EasyPHP a simple Windows PHP installer">

Installation tips for this excellent French script for installing PHP,
Apache and MySQL on your Windows machine.

1) Choose the default install directory of C:\easyphp - as far as I can tell
it isn't flexible enough to handle other directory paths right now.

2) After ruinning the script you'll have icons for Apache and MySQL on the
desktop. Selecting these will bring up small icons in the tool tray to show
that the daemons have started. You can right-click on these to start or stop
the individual services.

3) Want to run both Apache and PWS/IIS? Try this, your default PWS install
will be using port 80 for connections. Go into
C:\easyphp\apache\conf\httpd.conf and scroll down the file until you come to
an entry that says

### Section 2: ´Main' server configuration

Port 80

Change the Port value to 8080 (or 8000 if you prefer).

You can then use http://localhost or to access your PWS/IIS
server and http://localhost:8080 or to access your
Apache server.

Cool eh?



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> Stef posted the following comment to an earlier question of 
> mine. I was
> wondering whether the EasyPHP mentioned is the same as this one...
> http://www.manucorp.com/easyphp.php3 
> (I'm kinda guessing it is). If so, are there any problems 
> with using this
> very heaviliy French language product with an English 
> installation? They
> have a translation service for the website, which produces 
> results that are
> for me about as understandable as my own attempts at 
> translating the pages
> :-)
> Anyone have any extra experience with EasyPHP?
> .steve
> (Happy birthday to me :-)

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