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Jen Worden jen at meadoworks.com
Wed Nov 1 09:34:45 CST 2000

Hi Jason ...

At 09:40 AM 11/1/00 -0800, Jason E. Burk wrote:

>my main questions are:
>1)  is it possible to install IE & NN (or perhaps just one) on a cdRom
>such that the user can pop the CD in the computer and run from the cdRom

Yes it's possible but not logical. As there are only 44 people involved
can't you do a quick survey to see who has what browser? Or else design for
lowest common denominator and add an HTML autorun to the CD. This will
start whatever browser is their system default. URL for autorun :

>2)   will i lose a huge amount of quality saving them as *.jpg
>[highest quality] for the interaction with IE & NN (since they don't
>display / read .tiff files)? 

Because space isn't a limitation and as the CD will be read locally you can
save the images at highest .jpg without loss of quality, yes!

>3)  i am not against using programs like flash or director to create the
>interaction, however, my knowledge of both and the pro's and con's of
>using one of these apps for the intended purpose is limited.  can anyone
>suggest a more efficient way of produce this image CD?

I don't know about efficient but what I did recently for my high school
reunion is create a "slideshow" in Director. I used Director only because
of my familiarity with it as well as the show had a sound track behind it.
On the first and last screen I provided the opportunity to jump to the
HTML-based longer/interactive version. Everyone was thrilled with the end

HTH ... Jen

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