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Carleen Tracy carleen.tracy at b3interactive.com
Wed Nov 1 11:32:33 CST 2000

in your response below, does this allow you to have different color v.link
states on the same page?

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Forwarded to the list in case anyone else was wondering about this.

>At 08:22 AM 11/1/2000 -0800, you wrote:
>>How does one change link, A:link{ , colors on the same page, for instance
>>one color for a white background and another for a colored background.
>>Direct response please since I'm on digest.
>You can use class attributes to give tags of the same type different
>In your CSS declaration you could have:
>.whitebg {
>         color : #000000 ;
>.blackbg {
>         color : #FFFFFF ;
>Note the dot in front of the class name, it's important to put that in (to
>tell the CSS parser that it's a class not a tag).
>Then in your HTML you would have <a href="http://whatever/" class=whitebg>
>(or class=blackbg).
>Class attributes work on any HTML tag and really give you complete control
>over the appearance of virtually every tag in your document.

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